Monday, September 17, 2007

Nike Dri-Fit Feather Light Visor


I first knew of the existence of this visor while picking up a race packet at Sport Chalet. However, they did not have a black one, and knowing how I like to wear green, the blue and pink ones abound were not going to cut it.

Upon trying it on, I noted how light it was compared to generic visors I've worn previously. Also, the moisture-wicking Dri-Fit material seemed alluring.

I called many places and drove around looking for this, until I finally came upon one at A Snail's Pace. I happily swooped one up for $18, which sounds steep for a hat, but hey, it's Nike.

I wore this on an outdoor run today. I was supposed to do 8 miles, but I stopped after 5.5 because I didn't want to be in the heat anymore. My hair did not poof up like a souffle like usual, and it was indeed light. Plus, I felt really cool with the swoosh on my forehead.

I washed this in warm water like the care instructions said, and it seems fine to use for another day. All in all, totally worth everything. I could have used this during the race to shade my face from the burning sun...

The Nike website has this hat, for those who want to shell out extra for shipping and don't want to go on a quest for it like I did.

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