Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Nike Air Structure Triax 10+ -- mileage as of 4/27/10 = 920/500

Thanks to some very suggestive hints, I got a pair of these shoes in a size 8.5 for Christmas (credit goes to my sister... big thanks!!)! That was good timing, since my current Mizunos are at over 450 and probably not going to last much longer, though it will remain my primary for a litte while longer.

I knew I wanted these a few months ago when a Nike salesman convined me that Nike now makes a larger variety of running shoes that accomodate more people. I tried a pair on and thought they were very comfortable.

Today's test run, 4 miles, went well. I was happy that I was more cushioned than usual (my previous shoes are not very cushioning but are a little lighter). Also, there is nothing like the springiness of a new pair of shoes.

The second thing I noticed was that I felt air coming through the left sides of the shoes while I was chugging along. That was actually quite nice, but I hope that doesn't mean that dirt or water could get in (they always do, though).

I know that these retail for about $80, but Sport Chalet had a great after-Thanksgiving sale that pretty much halved the price. I think it's pretty cool to be running in Nikes, since I have somehow become a Nike you-know-what.

Oh yes, and in the left shoe, you can remove the insole to insert the chip for the Nike+ Sport Kit. I noticed that using the chip inside the shoe rather than on the laces looks better and is more accurate in terms of pacing.

Can I rant a little bit about the Nike+ Sport Kit? Here it comes, anyway: The sensor was low on batteries AGAIN, but luckily Apple replaced it (they better not charge). Since my sister got a Garmin watch for Christmas, I had thought about upgrading to one, but I remembered the original premise behind getting this kit... the fact that I already run with an iPod and thus should keep the stuff I'm carrying to a minimum. Not to mention that I do most of my runs indoors, which would render a GPS device useless because I use the Nike+ as sort of a running log that I take with me on all my runs. I don't think I'm serious enough to get a Garmin right now, but I'm sure that day will come sooner or later.

I got other cool running things for Christmas, which I will review intermittently. Lately, my energy has been sapped for some reason... and I'm actually on break, too. I tried sleeping more and eating more, but that hasn't done the trick (and has probably induced some guilt).

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