Monday, August 20, 2007

Weight Training

I'm surprised I have not discussed weight training, as it has become pretty important in my routine and has probably helped me avoid injury and run faster.

Here are some of the things I do regularly (enjoy the varied pictures I found on Google). I usually do 3 sets of 10 with 30-40 seconds of rest in between. This is probably a bit minimalistic to some people's standards, but keep in mind that I'm not only a chick but a time-pressed one who crams these sessions in after runs.

- leg curl: to bulk up my already huge hamstrings; usually between 30-40 lb.

- leg press: to bulk up my already huge running thighs (quadriceps and butt); I've done up to 110 lb.

- adductor machine: inner thighs; usually around 55 lb.

- abductor machine: outer thighs; also around 55 lb.

- standing calf raise: usually around 25 lb.

- shoulder press: usually around 30 lb., though I know I can do more but don't want to grow that area any more than it already is

- seated row: usually either 40-50 lb.; works triceps (mine are detestable), which is why this was one of the first machines I ever used

- lat pull down: (ignore the supine grip in the picture; my palms are usually faced away from me) nowadays I'm up to 65 lb., with the goal being 90 lb. so that I can eventually do pull-ups

- ab bench crunch: because I can't stand doing ab exercises on the floor

And some things that I do less regularly due to unavailability or embarrassment:

- cable cross: I do a few things on this machine, mostly working the triceps and chest. Most commonly, I'm making an "X" with my arms in front of me. I haven't had access to one of these in a while, so last I checked, I did 25-30 lb. (per side)

- assisted pull-up machine: I hope to one day (soon) not need the "assistance;" right now, I think I am lifting about 60-70 lb. of my own body weight up (I will leave it to your imagination as to how much assistance I get). Also, these machines usually come with tricep dips, which I also do (with the same assistance)

- leg lifts/ab crunch: I don't like doing these because I feel that my heaviness hurts my shoulders when I'm propping myself on the elbow rests. I usually bring my legs up and kick them out so that I'm in an "L" shape, though I also do what the picture below is doing.


  1. wow that's quite the visual dictionary!

  2. These look like some of the stuff I do. Especially the first few. I too think weight training is very beneficial to a running regime. Makes me feel more fit to run.