Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Target Workout Clothing Parade

Yes, I went crazy with the workout clothes...

C9 by Champion Singlet(s)

I got these for various Christmas/birthday gifts. The light, moisture-resisting material makes them perfect for races and long runs. I treat these more like racing uniforms, since I don't really wear them for regular training. The one pictured here is pink, but I have a lime green one.

Prospirit Mesh Shorts

I got these at Target the week before all of the other shorts because I was running on boxers, much to people's dismay (not my own; they are VERY comfortable to run in, though chafing plagued me in the beginning). I don't have much to say about these. They will be good for normal, non-exceptionally sweaty runs.

C9 by Champion Mesh Skort

Ladies, if running makes you feel like a man, wearing this skort will bring back some sense of femininity. I got this on sale at Target, though I originally opted for a pink one, I reverted to a black (pictured here is a light blue). No need to be TOO girly now. The inner "shorts" lining will definitely keep anyone from seeing anything, hugging tighter than most other shorts' linings. The mesh material is the same as most running shorts.

C9 by Champion Shorts

Also on sale at Target were these running short with HUGE pockets! It was only available in gray, which is okay, though not the most fashionable. There were many other shorts with zippered pockets like this, but they rested on the sides instead of the front, which I imagine would drag the shorts down.

The inner lining is cotton-y, which might not be good because of sweat, but we'll see. Yep, I plan to keep a lot in them pockets... keys, mace, gels, ID, cell phone, iPod... you name it.

C9 by Champion Seamless Sports Bra

When I tried one on, it was the most comfotable thing ever! Luckily, these were on sale at Target (as all other things I buy typically are), so I snagged two of them in gray and pink. I am definitely not the one modeling it in the picture, but you can see how well-designed it looks. Hopefully, the seamlessness will help with chafing, though since I've been running quite a bit lately, I've developed a chafing callus. It will be nice to have sweat not absorb too much into this as well, which might keep bad smells at bay, unlike the cotton ones I've grown to know and accept.


  1. Wow, this is a really cool post. Love the apparel reviews. So the Prospirit mesh shorts are not that great huh? I was going to get a pair but was unsure because of the ugliness..haha. They were made of polyester which just makes me sweat thinking about it since that material does not "breathe" very well. However, I too love the C9 seamless bra in medium. It was really very comfortable and did not chafe me at all during a nonstop 4 mile run. I may go and get more before the sale is over at Target. Those skorts look cute too. I don't even think it is possible for me to feel feminine while running because of the the breathing and sweating but those skorts are kinda cute. Will check them out soon.


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