Sunday, August 5, 2007

End of Nike+ Run Like NYC Challenge

Today is the last day one can upload miles they've logged on the Nike+ website for the Run Like NYC Challenge. As I mentioned in another entry, this is a campaign that allows you to choose a charity that benefits based on how many miles they've run between May 31 and August 5, 2007.

I'm not sure how much is actually donated (even a penny for each mile would be good, considering the number of people doing this), but see the screenshot below to see how many miles I've assigned to Team in Training.

In other news, I timed a mile and came in at 7:59, which was disappointing but all right considering my quads had been sore and I was running in the blazing heat of summer in the mid-afternoon. I would like to try this again after some more training.

Also, I procured two bottles of Accelerade, though I am probably not going to review it until I have a long run substantial enough to warrant the use of that drink.

P.S. Blogger's image uploading is very annoying. It always inserts the graphics above all the text you've typed, and when you try to move it, things go awry.

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  1. I've noticed the image problem too. So now I type everything in Word first, and leave one blank line for the images... then paste, add, and then move the image. Seems to work better than using the blogger editor... and it has spellcheck to boot. :) Good luck.