Friday, August 24, 2007

McMillan Calculator

This is a really swell training tool. Since I've never had an official 5 or 10k time, I was looking for a target pace for my repeats. I just inputted my half-marathon time, and it went to work.

I am pleased to know that I can run faster than the predicted times this calculator gave me, but it's a pretty good approximation. Try it for yourself if you're short-distance challenged like me!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kashi Treats!

Some good, sweet carbs....

Choose among:

Oatmeal Dark Chocolate (cookie)
Original 7 Grain (crackers)
Trail Mix TLC (bar)


Monday, August 20, 2007

Weight Training

I'm surprised I have not discussed weight training, as it has become pretty important in my routine and has probably helped me avoid injury and run faster.

Here are some of the things I do regularly (enjoy the varied pictures I found on Google). I usually do 3 sets of 10 with 30-40 seconds of rest in between. This is probably a bit minimalistic to some people's standards, but keep in mind that I'm not only a chick but a time-pressed one who crams these sessions in after runs.

- leg curl: to bulk up my already huge hamstrings; usually between 30-40 lb.

- leg press: to bulk up my already huge running thighs (quadriceps and butt); I've done up to 110 lb.

- adductor machine: inner thighs; usually around 55 lb.

- abductor machine: outer thighs; also around 55 lb.

- standing calf raise: usually around 25 lb.

- shoulder press: usually around 30 lb., though I know I can do more but don't want to grow that area any more than it already is

- seated row: usually either 40-50 lb.; works triceps (mine are detestable), which is why this was one of the first machines I ever used

- lat pull down: (ignore the supine grip in the picture; my palms are usually faced away from me) nowadays I'm up to 65 lb., with the goal being 90 lb. so that I can eventually do pull-ups

- ab bench crunch: because I can't stand doing ab exercises on the floor

And some things that I do less regularly due to unavailability or embarrassment:

- cable cross: I do a few things on this machine, mostly working the triceps and chest. Most commonly, I'm making an "X" with my arms in front of me. I haven't had access to one of these in a while, so last I checked, I did 25-30 lb. (per side)

- assisted pull-up machine: I hope to one day (soon) not need the "assistance;" right now, I think I am lifting about 60-70 lb. of my own body weight up (I will leave it to your imagination as to how much assistance I get). Also, these machines usually come with tricep dips, which I also do (with the same assistance)

- leg lifts/ab crunch: I don't like doing these because I feel that my heaviness hurts my shoulders when I'm propping myself on the elbow rests. I usually bring my legs up and kick them out so that I'm in an "L" shape, though I also do what the picture below is doing.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Here are two artificial tattoos I received while at a park party recently.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I registered for this beta site a while ago, but suddenly when I returned just today, I found that they are actually tracking my Nike+ runs. This site is sort of a combination of MySpace and the Nike+ site, part tracking, part networking. I suggest you have a look. It is clean, simple, and informative! Its loading times definitely are shorter than the Nike site's.

The site was started by a regular guy, a 38-year-old from San Diego.

P.S. It apparently works with Garmin devices as well, though since I don't have one, I can't attest to that myself. Also, if you enter your flickr username, any photo you tag with "runnerplus" will show up in your profile. Talk about integration!

P.P.S. There is a section where everyone's PowerSongs are listed. A PowerSong is a song that basically plays on command (for that extra burst). It's fun to see who gets pumped to what!


Target Workout Clothing Parade

Yes, I went crazy with the workout clothes...

C9 by Champion Singlet(s)

I got these for various Christmas/birthday gifts. The light, moisture-resisting material makes them perfect for races and long runs. I treat these more like racing uniforms, since I don't really wear them for regular training. The one pictured here is pink, but I have a lime green one.

Prospirit Mesh Shorts

I got these at Target the week before all of the other shorts because I was running on boxers, much to people's dismay (not my own; they are VERY comfortable to run in, though chafing plagued me in the beginning). I don't have much to say about these. They will be good for normal, non-exceptionally sweaty runs.

C9 by Champion Mesh Skort

Ladies, if running makes you feel like a man, wearing this skort will bring back some sense of femininity. I got this on sale at Target, though I originally opted for a pink one, I reverted to a black (pictured here is a light blue). No need to be TOO girly now. The inner "shorts" lining will definitely keep anyone from seeing anything, hugging tighter than most other shorts' linings. The mesh material is the same as most running shorts.

C9 by Champion Shorts

Also on sale at Target were these running short with HUGE pockets! It was only available in gray, which is okay, though not the most fashionable. There were many other shorts with zippered pockets like this, but they rested on the sides instead of the front, which I imagine would drag the shorts down.

The inner lining is cotton-y, which might not be good because of sweat, but we'll see. Yep, I plan to keep a lot in them pockets... keys, mace, gels, ID, cell phone, iPod... you name it.

C9 by Champion Seamless Sports Bra

When I tried one on, it was the most comfotable thing ever! Luckily, these were on sale at Target (as all other things I buy typically are), so I snagged two of them in gray and pink. I am definitely not the one modeling it in the picture, but you can see how well-designed it looks. Hopefully, the seamlessness will help with chafing, though since I've been running quite a bit lately, I've developed a chafing callus. It will be nice to have sweat not absorb too much into this as well, which might keep bad smells at bay, unlike the cotton ones I've grown to know and accept.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

JointWise Cream Sample (Call-In)

Here's one that many runners may find useful:

For New JointWise Cream Customers Only: If you would like to receive a free .5 oz sample of our JointWise Cream, call us toll-free at 1-800-643-9558 and tell your customer service representative you would like your "FREE Trial size JointWise Cream" We'll rush your free JointWise Cream sample to you at absolutely no cost, along with a copy of our current Buyer's Guide.

Contains the ingredients found in our popular JointWise™ capsules, plus Boswellin®, capsaicin and methyl salicylate for proven, fast-acting relief of muscle and joint pain.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

End of Nike+ Run Like NYC Challenge

Today is the last day one can upload miles they've logged on the Nike+ website for the Run Like NYC Challenge. As I mentioned in another entry, this is a campaign that allows you to choose a charity that benefits based on how many miles they've run between May 31 and August 5, 2007.

I'm not sure how much is actually donated (even a penny for each mile would be good, considering the number of people doing this), but see the screenshot below to see how many miles I've assigned to Team in Training.

In other news, I timed a mile and came in at 7:59, which was disappointing but all right considering my quads had been sore and I was running in the blazing heat of summer in the mid-afternoon. I would like to try this again after some more training.

Also, I procured two bottles of Accelerade, though I am probably not going to review it until I have a long run substantial enough to warrant the use of that drink.

P.S. Blogger's image uploading is very annoying. It always inserts the graphics above all the text you've typed, and when you try to move it, things go awry.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


In search for stuff to review on this site, I suddenly realized that I should put up a section dedicated to samples for runners. Of course, "for runners" is a determination that I am arbitrarily making.

Anyway, as a disclaimer, these offers may or may not work for you, as they might be expired, etc. Click at your own risk (but also to your possible benefit).

Have something to add? Contact me!