Monday, July 30, 2007

StyleScience Airfoil Sunglasses

Much too long after the death of my last pair of sunglasses, I managed to get my hands on another pair.

This one comes from CVS/pharmacy. I figured that since a more expensive pair blew out on me, why not a drugstore one? So after going to speciality stores, I came upon this one that looks and feels good... StyleScience's Airfoil.

I didn't notice until later that this is meant for men, but my large head circumference called for it, I think. Anyway, I like that the sides have some ventilation (via a large triangular hole). I hope not to break this one...


  1. I bought 2 pairs of sunglasses from Target - one IronMan and one C9 (Champion). They look and fit fine, but for some reason they made me sleepy! I ended up splurging on a pair of Oakley polarized half-jacket &they're amazingggg. Too bad I'm always paranoid that I'll ruin them.

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