Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nike+ Events

Just when you thought I quit running (you didn't think I quit, did you? I just did a 10-miler last week and a 7-miler yesterday!), I am here again to take about the Nike+ website.

Nike is having a virtual race for those with a Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. It is taking place on Sunday, October 21, 2007. As long as you are willing to pay $45 and log 13.1 miles (even walking) on that day, you can receive a keychain designed by Tiffany and Co. as well as a T-shirt. I wish money grew on trees and that I didn't have class that weekend. Click here for more information. It really is a good cause (leukemia and lymphona).

Also, from May 31 to August 5, the miles logged at the Nike+ website can go to one of three charities. I chose to log mine (60 so far) to Team in Training. Click here for more information about this campaign.

Yes, I am still completely happy that I am a member of the Nike+ community. Having the sport kit has kept me motivated to run consistently. Here is a current screenshot of my stats (if it's visible...)!

Nike website

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