Friday, July 27, 2007

Gatorade Rain

Let it rain! There's nothing quite like running in the rain, although it is a nail in the coffin for running shoes. Anyway, since rain is not really an option during the summer, this Gatorade is the next best thing.

The flavor I tried is Strawberry Kiwi, which is so new that I couldn't find a picture of it. I got it in an eight-pack on sale at Wal-Mart. Somehow, it has taken me three days to finish one 20 oz. bottle, but that's because I haven't been training strenuously yet.

The taste is very light and clean, hence the word "rain." It certainly causes less bad breath than the Gatorade I am used to (Lemon-Lime), and it's a lot cooler-looking as well. The nutritional content is the same (50 calories per 8 oz.).

I wouldn't say that this trounces the "regular" Gatorade until a cheap powder form is made. Oh, and I still like Endurance Formula the most.


  1. I will go out and try some now. You make it sound so good even though I really like the lemon lime variety.

  2. I love these reviews of products for runners, especially marathon runners - keeep 'em coming - and I'm a adding you to my links :0)