Monday, July 23, 2007

Foot Gloves

I wanted to put this under "Gear," but I don't own it. Still, some people might be interested in these "gloves" for your feet, especially if you've ever wanted to run barefoot but didn't want to get cut up.

Why would anyone want to run barefoot? Supposedly, running in too-cushiony shoes weakens parts of the foot overtime, leaving one susceptible to injuries. Plus, I'm sure not having an extra few ounces weighing runners down is appealing enough.

I wonder if those barefoot marathon runners with blackened soles and I'm sure the calluses of a rhinocerous would ever consider these. For about $70 (less than the cost of most high-end running shoes), they'd never have to worry about glass (maybe), sticks, rocks, or animal deposits ever again!



  1. I am not a runner at all, but I think this is an amazing thing. People are bashing them because they say they are unhealthy, um hello....can someone remind them how some of our ancestors lived. And might I add, they were just fine. =D

  2. I ran a 5k recently and one of the guys that organized it was wearing these. They are all he wears and he loves them. I am considering getting a pair for myself and I'd say I'm a beginner runner.

  3. I run in them from time to time but spend more time hiking in them. I have climbed several peaks with them and they are great! I love feeling the earth underneath me without having nasty, ugly feet.