Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NOVA Marathon Challenge


I just finished watching the program described below. I thought it was a very inspiring piece, though it made marathoning seem scarier than it usually is. My favorite part was one of the team member's (Steve) statement that he went for the challenge because it was so ridiculous that it's "intriguing."

The segment featured 12 people who rarely exercised and put them on a 9-month (yikes!) training program to run the Boston Marathon. Many of them had other issues besides being sedentary, such as stress fractures, previous heart attack, obesity (common), and even a guy with HIV. Obviously, they had their struggles. I thought it was cool how they talked about some of the physiological aspects of running, such as VO2-MAX, glycogen, and other muscle and bone issues. It didn't make it sound very alluring, to be honest.

Watching those novices cross the finish line reminded me how good it will feel in Los Angeles in March. I gotta start training my huge muscular butt harder (inside joke).

P.S. I made it home from my Advanced Stats midterm about halfway through the program, but thanks to the person who recorded the first half for me!


Original Post:

Nova, a popular PBS show, is airing the results of a study of the physiological effects of going from inexperienced exerciser to marathoner on Tuesday, October 30th.

This is good timing, as the unofficial start date of my marathon training is October 29. I have class the night this is supposed to air, but hopefully I can catch it on another PBS station or have someone record this for me.

Being someone who swings between utter idleness and running for hours, I'd like to know what I'm doing to myself -- the good and bad.


Link: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/marathon/about.html


  1. Thanks for sharing this - looks interesting!

  2. Yeah, thanks for alerting me about this show. It was pretty interesting. That butt comment is funny. It keeps us from tipping forward too much..haha. Glad you caught the show almost real time. Yeah, that show kinda inspired me.

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