Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Hair Tie

Normally, any hair tie I use is broken within a few uses. This one, which can be seen worn around my wrist very often, has lasted for at least a year. I found this on the floor on the way to campus to go to class and afterwards do a training run for my first half-marathon. I had forgotten to bring one and was agonizing about it as I was walking to class. Since then, I've worn it during nearly all training runs and at the LA Marathon and Long Beach half.

This has just the right elasticity to keep my hair in place, but not too tight where I feel like an onion. I guess that's all you can really say about a hair tie, right?

EDIT: In July 2007, it snapped one day while tying my hair. I was SO disappointed...

1 comment:

  1. What? You put something in your hair that you found on the floor at UCLA....ewwwwww! But in other note, wow, one year is a long time, wish I knew what brand it is because the ones I get are always losing it's elasticity.