Monday, May 14, 2007

Lock Lacing

All this time, I've been using my good-ol' double-knot to keep my laces secure while running. That is somewhat of an upgrade from the single-knot that I've been using since I learned to tie shoes.

But after having runs that were slightly more/less pleasant due to lacing, which varied day by day, it clicked that maybe a different style would change the way shoes fit.

Upon looking at lacing sites, I found a variation I could try without undoing all of my laces. My lazy self decided to give this one a shot, since the description actually said it was for running shoes. So I only had to undo one eyelet on each side as shown. Then, I started off on my run.

What did I notice? Of course, I didn't feel like some miracle had just happened and running suddenly became more like flying. Rather, I noticed less heel slippage without my shoe being too tight. Interesting what a little change can do. I think I will relace all my running shoes this way, and even some of my non-running ones.

Check out the site below. You may find some cooler variations that you will have the guts to try. I will just stick to this one for now.

Source - Ian's Shoelace Site:

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