Sunday, April 29, 2007

iPod Nano (2nd generation)

check out my green 'ride'Yep, I finally took the plunge. One day while charging my the Mini, I had anxiety that all the bouncing/running would eventually break its hard drive. A new flash memory device like the Nano would be immune to that, or so I reasoned as an excuse to indulge myself, not to mention the 24-hr battery life (triple that of my existing one). I had my sights set on the 8 GB black model for months, but considering I don't even fill up my current device all the way (and how I can just sync a new playlist if I need more music, which I don't really even have), I realized I could save some money and get an iPod in a COOL color by getting the 4 GB model.

Anyway, I got this refurbished from the Apple Store. It was the best deal online, shipped free (but blah to CA tax), and comes with the same warranty as would a new one. Spending money is lacerating these days, but considering I got this AND all the accessories for about $50 less than the 8 GB model, I was just saving on what was an inevitable purchase. =)

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