Sunday, April 29, 2007

DLO Action Jacket

For once, green was not my first choice when it came to choosing a color, but this was the cheapest on Amazon. I decided on this because I've seen my sister's one, which is snug and covers the whole iPod. It can convert from armband to belt clip, so I may return to clipping the thing on my shorts since the Nano won't drag my shorts down. To fit the receiver of the Nike+, I have streched the velcro at the bottom to go around it. This has failed me before (the iPod fell out, but I caught it before it hit ground), so I make sure to check it periodically to see that it's still stuck firmly. For this reason, I may throw a rubber band in the mix during races when I tend to be more negligant of that stuff. However, it may limit my access to the iPod's click-wheel.

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