Monday, April 30, 2007

Running as Punishment

At the dinner table, Kwi told me that people in her class had to run because of some inadequacy. Instantly, I thought back to eighth grade when we had to run to the backstop and back when the class was being too loud. And I can't begin on how many "punishment laps" we had to run after losing games in middle school P.E.

Why is running associated with punishment? No wonder so many people are turned off by it. This could be a contributing factor in obesity... people just find physical exertion too much like punishment and don't even bother.

Yes, there are many times during a run when it just feels bad, but it's not something to do in order to repent something. The schools need to get it right.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


I don't know how interesting most people find social networking sites, but here's one that you may not have heard of:

my Athlinks profile

I've been a member for a few months. Yes, there are bugs. It lists the OC Marathon as one of my feeds. I definitely did not run that race, nor did I write any of those gear reviews.

Anyway, try searching for yourself. You may be surprised at how they are able to merge all of your race results. As for whether I will really use this, I don't know. I am on Facebook and mySpace already. It would definitely be cool if I knew enough people who would get on this one, though. For now, I will add this to my Links.

DLO Action Jacket

For once, green was not my first choice when it came to choosing a color, but this was the cheapest on Amazon. I decided on this because I've seen my sister's one, which is snug and covers the whole iPod. It can convert from armband to belt clip, so I may return to clipping the thing on my shorts since the Nano won't drag my shorts down. To fit the receiver of the Nike+, I have streched the velcro at the bottom to go around it. This has failed me before (the iPod fell out, but I caught it before it hit ground), so I make sure to check it periodically to see that it's still stuck firmly. For this reason, I may throw a rubber band in the mix during races when I tend to be more negligant of that stuff. However, it may limit my access to the iPod's click-wheel.

iPod Nano (2nd generation)

check out my green 'ride'Yep, I finally took the plunge. One day while charging my the Mini, I had anxiety that all the bouncing/running would eventually break its hard drive. A new flash memory device like the Nano would be immune to that, or so I reasoned as an excuse to indulge myself, not to mention the 24-hr battery life (triple that of my existing one). I had my sights set on the 8 GB black model for months, but considering I don't even fill up my current device all the way (and how I can just sync a new playlist if I need more music, which I don't really even have), I realized I could save some money and get an iPod in a COOL color by getting the 4 GB model.

Anyway, I got this refurbished from the Apple Store. It was the best deal online, shipped free (but blah to CA tax), and comes with the same warranty as would a new one. Spending money is lacerating these days, but considering I got this AND all the accessories for about $50 less than the 8 GB model, I was just saving on what was an inevitable purchase. =)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Hachi Sai no Marathoner

Legitimate Little Legs?

Because I apparently have too much time on my hands, I thought I'd share this article I read about an eight-year-old marathoner from China. I feel sorry for her, especially her knees. Sorry Kwi, but this is why you can't run a marathon with us until you are 18.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Homer Runs the Marathon

Springfield Marathon

I found this clip a while ago. The marathon stuff is only in the first 40 seconds or so, although any episode with 'N Sync in it is worthy of watching in its entirety. Check, check, and check!

Running Easy?

I saw a billboard like this in Westwood last weekend.
Reebok ad: running, puking, running
Reebok is doing the anti-Nike thing and has launched the "Run Easy" campaign. Their claim is that you don't have to run until you puke or be all that competitive... you should be running easy.

That makes sense. Why do they need all these billboards to say that? If I thought running was something for the elite, I would have copped out a long time ago. It's a highly personal thing that isn't really supposed to have that much pressure. It's walking... but faster.

I've always considered myself more of a Nike person anyway. Running? Just do it.

The Day After

The Day After the Marathon

I can relate to the stiffness that is emphasized in this video. My favorite part is when they show a man looking up a stairway.