Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mizuno Wave Inspire 3 -- mileage as of 6/5/10 = 513/500

UPDATE - 6/5/10:

I used these shoes in the Camp Pendleton Mud Run, where they made their humble exit.


Original Post - 3/25/07:

After around 300 miles, my Sauconys completely lost their support and springiness, so off to the store again for some new recommendations. After lots of test jogging in the hallway, I finally decided on these because they are supportive in the arch area, light, and not abrasive on the inner side of my foot. I wanted Sauconys, but these seemed to be the better choice at the time.

These were way more expensive than I would have liked, but since I now know what is out there, I can buy future pairs online. I shouldn't be in so much pain over the price. Running is a huge hobby in my life, and relative to other sports, it is an extremely cheap one in which to partake.

Anyway, the shoes are light, though less rugged for running on the pebbles and stuff I normally encounter outdoors. I am pretty sure these are good for racing because of the lightness. I used to dislike the orange color, as I was set on green shoes, but over time, I have grown to think that orange and black are really cool and fun colors to have on a shoe, and I'm sure come race-time, I will like it even more.

UPDATE: 8/27/09 -- I got these lime green sport shoelaces for my birthday and finally had a chance to put them on my Mizunos today. I made sure to keep the lock-lacing configuration intact. Hope these don't draw TOO much attention to my shoes, especially with the lime green singlet I have...

I wonder if the type of laces used will affect the fit of the shoe. So far, so good, though, as long as I can still strap the Nike chip sensor onto it...

Expect some pics of me racing in them soon...

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Los Angeles Marathon XXII (2007)

EVENT: Los Angeles Marathon XXII
DATE: Sunday, March 4, 2007
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA
RACE BEGAN: 8:30 am
FINISH TIME: 05:29:02

New Route for 2007

Time and splits

Registration Confirmation

Emerald Nut FestivalLucky Dog, Hat, and Shirtmy beautiful medalthe thing that never seemed to come

"The first 20 miles are all legs. The last 6 are all heart."

Basically, all the running that I had been doing during the past year had been in anticipation for this race. The two half-marathons, constant running, or when not running, worrying about staying on a training schedule and not eating too poorly so I can run, the $$$ spent on registrations, shoes, gym membership, the sunburns, toe trauma, muscle-tearing, etc. etc. were all totally worth it.

The day began with a brisk walk to the subway station and a ride to Hollywood from Downtown LA. It was my first ride on a subway, and the whole half-hour ride, I kept thinking that I was going to have to run that entire way back. The sun was high and hot when the race started. Not too long into the race, my stomach started to hurt because of carbs that were not absorbing properly and bitter Gatorade. I also had to take 5+ min to use the restroom before the 10th mile.

Up until the 18th mile, my splits were decent. At mile 22, the soleus muscle in both my legs were about to pull, so I had to run with extreme care or let them pull (which could have been the end of the race right there), stopping every so often to try to massage some life back into them. I'd start running and aburptly stop because I felt a yank on my leg. Between then and mile 25 was horribly frustrating. Mile 26 came up really quickly, probably because I picked up the pace, and people were cheering. The last 300-something yards did not seem very long. I kept thinking back to my treadmill workouts when I'd sprint the last half mile of most of my runs. I could not believe that it was finally over. It felt really great to finally get the medal I had been wanting for a year.

There were some pretty cool landmarks throughout, such as the Kodak and Pantages Theaters, the Walk of Fame, Hollywood Bowl, USC, Staples & LA Convention Center, Exposition Park, and lots of other cool things that I was simply too tired to notice, including roadside sermons. I really should train better next year so I can have an easier time. All my legs would allow me to do is 22, and although I had the energy to start running fast in those last few miles, they would not allow me that luxury. I think next time, I will train until 22 miles and run on harder surfaces more often. All in all, a great adventure.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Foster Grant Ironman Sunglasses

UPDATE: These broke on 06/25/07... I thought more money = better quality!!!

They look something like the image above. Got it about a week before the LA Marathon to use afterward so that I don't look blind when I'm running (plus everyone is used to seeing me in glasses anyway). They work wonderfully but tend to make my eye area too warm after a while.