Monday, March 6, 2006

Nike Air Max Conquer II - mileage as of 04/25/07 = 400+/500

This is a shoe I got the week after the marathon I saw my sisters run. I had run three miles on the track only to end up with much foot pain. Limping, I went to the closing shoe store on campus and found these for 60% off. Even so, they were the most expensive pair of shoes I had to date. There was only one pair left in that store, which explains why I'd pick a pink pair in a size 10. It seemed to work, though, and I'm sure saved me from a lot of pain. Plus, its shininess can't be beaten!

For the most part, they are great. I need a bit more arch support, though. Two half-marathons and two damaged toenails later, I still run in these occasionally, as they are still in pretty good condition. Not that these are totally not the right shoes for me, but I think they are good up until a certain distance (probably around 10 miles).

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