Monday, December 8, 2014

Tracy Anderson - Pregnancy Project (Months 7-9)

Here's the home stretch (emphasis on stretch!)!

When I first got these discs, I figured it would be a long, long while until I broke into these last few ones, but as with many things with this pregnancy, that moment came more quickly than I had anticipated.

Months 1-3
Months 4-6

Month 7 - I admit that I didn't really do the second trimester discs as often as I would have expected, even though I worked out 5-6 days a week.  I mentioned having some mechanical issues, which made all the kneeling work especially painful for me to keep doing.  Luckily, this disc was pretty light on those sections!  More is done standing up "to increase circulation," and the length (about 38 minutes after the chatter) worked out perfectly.  A chair is used for the majority of the workout.

Month 8 - This one was less heavy on the hands and knees stuff, though it's still there!  Most of this 40-minute workout requires a chair, which I am not keen on because mine are heavy and you keep having to move it around.  Also I think 40 minutes is a long time to be doing boring exercises when you're already probably pretty tired.  I think she moves very quickly considering how far along we're supposed to be, and I don't consider myself a sloth in that regard!  I will say that I did feel a burn with this one, so I guess it's doing its job.

Month 9 - By the time I got to this point, I barely worked out at all, so I found these 40 minutes tougher than it should have been.  It starts off with stretching (with a chair, which I hate lugging), then those 3 lb weights (which feel heavy with atrophy) with and without the chair, and more hands-and-knees stuff that I mostly made it through but skipped one in particular because it had too many parts and level changes.  At the ends, she wishes you luck with everything and to do her Metamorphosis program, but given how much I didn't particularly enjoy these pregnancy workouts, I think I will stick with my other videos for now.

Overall, I think this would be good for some people in their pregnancies.  It's just a matter of preference, whether you prefer more "quiet" (but hard) forms of exercise like this one or more energetic ones like some others I've been doing.  If you were doing Tracy's stuff before pregnancy, this won't be much different to you.  It is definitely effective and you'll "feel it."

FTC Disclaimer: I purchased these discs on my own, and the opinions posted here are my own. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Since We've Been Home

Here are some thoughts I've had as we settle into a new lifestyle...

It's incredible how one day, things were totally normal, and the next, things changed permanently.

We are incredibly lucky that the baby is mostly good, at least for a newborn. He has been on a 2-3 hour feeding schedule and generally sleeps in between with some exceptions. Since I was so drugged up at the hospital, it took longer than expected to start a supply going, and it isn't enough still (I'm still working with the lactation folks and a tedious routine at each feed). So figuring out which supplement won't make him so gassy has been a struggle. I'm not sure how long I can keep this up, but I figure whatever I can give him now will help. "The Ukrainian" is going back to work soon, so  I am going to have to learn to somehow balance everything during the day. Terrifying.

I am definitely looking forward to the little one growing and settling into a less exhausting routine. I don't know how people could have more than one kid...

Above is me about two weeks before the baby's arrival.

Below is me about ten days after. I can't believe I feel this way, but I often miss being pregnant. It's taking me a while to adjust to being non-pregnant, which seems like so long ago. I also can't believe that I miss work already. Basically, I miss everything that was normal with my life before that somewhat traumatic time in the hospital.

I gained a bit over 30 pounds at the end, and I've lost almost 20 of those on a diet of basically whatever I want plus whatever my parents have been bringing me. I can't imagine having to actively work on the rest of the weight, since when it comes between sleep and exercising, well duh. Plus, given my slice-and-dice, I need to wait for the doctor to give me the ok in a couple of weeks. I'm off my pain medication, so it's a start. Though I'm not in a hurry (because I do get sad seeing my bump go down), my goal is to fit into my old work clothes when the time comes.

I spend a lot of the time thinking about how amazing it is that our little guy came from me and how lucky I am that he is so perfect. I spent a lot of my pregnancy worrying about what I was doing or not doing correctly, something that is obviously going to continue forever.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our Baby's Arrival

EVENT: Our Baby's Arrival!
DATE: Tuesday, November 18, 2014
LOCATION: Baldwin Park, CA
RACE BEGAN: 5:00 AM, Monday November 17, 2014
FINISH TIME: 25 hours, 44 minutes (approximately)

***I will try to keep this as non graphic as possible... but this IS a birth story...***

At around 5 in the morning about a week before I was supposed to be due, I woke up from a dream in which "The Ukrainian" was telling me he was worried about the baby. I woke up to a dribble and decided to go to the restroom. I was a bit soaked, and having not had any incontinence issues thus far, I was suspicious. 

Maybe half an hour later, I told "The Ukrainian," who was about to get up and get ready for work, what happened. I was hesitant to call L&D because I wasn't totally sure and didn't want to seem paranoid, but eventually I did. They told me to shower, eat, and come in. We arrived at the hospital at around 7:30 and managed not to get clogged in Monday morning traffic, which had been a fear of mine from the get-go.

It was somewhat surreal when their amniotic test strip turned blue, and the triage nurse said we were having a baby. I was not sent home, which for some reason had been another fear of mine. I had a couple of friends recently have their birth stories start with waters breaking, but I thought that was pretty rare, so leave it to me, I guess.

We got to walk for a while since I wasn't really having a lot of contractions, but I was being monitored more than I would have liked and kept having to get hooked up. Oh, and this IV was inserted pretty suckily, so it annoyed me the whole time but was ultimately my life line in the end. The same nurse also drew my blood, but it had to be redrawn because it hemolyzed or something! =\  Of course, this was just the beginning of my days of being a pincushion.

Around lunch time, I had broth and juice due to the off-chance I would need surgery. I felt so gross all day due to all the leaking. Around 3:30, they deemed that I had not progressed since the morning. Yikes! Although they had said there was no "you must deliver in 24 hrs after your water breaks" rule, they were definitely pushing the pitocin. I kind of resisted because I was worrying about a slippery slope of interventions, but in the end, my paranoia of infection led to my consent.

The contractions got a bit stronger and more frequent after the low dose I was getting. I was not allowed anymore fluid or mobility because of monitoring. So ice chips it was. Needless to say, having had brought a stability ball to the hospital, I was disappointed but in a way, I was so grossed out with my constant leaking and found sitting in the "rocking chair" to be most comfortable, anyway. When I tried to stand, the monitors would lose the baby's heartbeat.

Around 8 pm, they were upping the meds at a faster rate. By midnight, I decided to get an epidural because of the doseage and the anesthesiologist about to get tied up for hours. I was still able to tolerate the contractions at that point, but seeing how they progressed on the monitor later on made me believe it was a warranted choice for me at the time. The actual epidural insertion was pretty uneventful, and of course, given how this ends, I'm glad I made that choice.

The next morning, they said I had not progressed at all since I was admitted and recommended a c-section. My body just didn't want to go into labor, according to the doctors. This was one of my worst fears, so I asked for more time. They could not up my medicine anymore due to the risks to my uterus and my baby. The next check returned to progress, so "The Ukrainian" and I came to terms with what was next.  Honestly, I just wanted him or she to be safe. Within the hour, he was in scrubs and I was being prepped under a bright light. While they went at me, I tried to focus on my husband and our baby we were about to meet.

I felt them kneading something out of me, and hearing the first cry was such a relief. "The Ukrainian" looked over and told me that we had a boy. Could not believe there really was a baby at the end of the long pregnancy finish line! I got a quick look before he and the baby went to recovery while I was being worked on. That part was bad, as I started shaking from all the pitocin earlier and felt pain in my chest, which they said was totally normal.

All in all, the procedure lasted somewhat over half an hour. I got to join my husband and son and got some pictures taken, all of which I look really bad in. The rest of the day, my memory is spotty and I remember drifting off a lot even as people visited and I was nursing all day. It was icky to be completely bedridden and unable to eat for the second day in a row. So much vomiting from all the drugs, too. Definitely not the birth experience I had imagined.

But, in the end, my son is healthy and my husband and family have been amazing. I can't believe I grew such a perfect little human being! I mean, I know pregnancy results in a baby, but I had no idea how life completely changed all so quickly.

Now for getting used to being a parent... And recovery. Yep, gonna need a lot of that...